Aufbaubilder, Photos von gestern zwischen 10 und 11 Uhr vormittags Deutscher Zeit/Construction pictures taken yesterday between 10 and 11 am German time.


Hofbräuzelt mit dem Engel Aloisius/ Hofbräutent, the angel is called „Engel Aloisius“.





Die Geschichte des Engel Aloisius(in deutsch):


The story of the angel Aloisius(in short):


When Aloisius died and went up to heaven, he did not like his "life" as an angel and the tasks he had to fulfill up there at all and started messing around. As God and Petrus wanted to have peace in heaven, they finally decided to send Aloisius back down to earth with a message in a letter for the Bavarian government, containing instructions about how to settle things a better way ! - Aloisius, once back on earth in Munich, forgot completely about his task and right away went to .. and into the "Hofbräuhaus"..... - The letter, of course, never was delivered ... and it is said that since then, the Bavarian government still today is waiting for the heavenly inspirations


Hackerbierzelt der Himmel der Bayern

The heaven of all Bavarians





Olympic looping











Die Wilde Maus / The wild mouse roller coaster




Bräuroslzelt/ Beer tent „Bräurosl“






Schottenhamelbierzelt/ Schottenhamel beer tent